Pigs in the forest

There has even been local businesses taking advantage of how rainforest help animals to be happy.

Pigs in the forest is a small rural business dedicated to producing tasty pork from happy outdoor pigs.

The business began with a small number of Saddleback and welsh crosses and has since grown to meet demand. We now have a variety of breeds including Gloucester Old Spot, Welsh, and Saddlebacks.

Our pigs are reared to the highest welfare standards living in the picturesque surrounding of Dalby forest in the North Yorkshire Moors. Each and every pig lives their life outdoors and is not intensively grown, nature takes time! All supplies including feed and bedding is sourced locally to support our local businesses. Our pork is butchered close to the farm and is 100% traceable from rearing to roasting.

Although we recommend staying away from eating pigs if possible. In fact many animal lovers are turning towards owning a teacup pig. This will allow you to appreciate how amazing, loving, and smart pigs really are.

About Bertha

Hi! my name is Bertha Swanson I live in Anchorage, AK. I am offering Teacup pigs for sale and a place to find the perfect teacup piglet and new family member for you!
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