Food Guide for Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are also termed as nano pigs, micro pigs, tiny pigs or miniature pigs. These pigs have smaller size and grow up maximum to the size of a small sized dog. These pigs have a lifespan of about 16-18 years and don’t grow too huge in size, like normal pigs. You can judge their probable size and appearance by looking at the parents of the teacup pigs. These pigs are termed as Teacups because the newborns have the size similar to that of large teacups. These pigs can be managed well at home after 3-4 months of age.

Size is the main attraction for teacup pigs and they usually don’t cross 150 pounds when they become big adults. Some pigs get an increase in size till 6 years. The pigs should be fed very carefully to avoid obesity or any health issue. The growth of baby pig depends on the nutrients in their diet and the prescribed amount of food is sufficient for them. Don’t overload the pig as they can get lazy and even aggressive with health problems. There are many pig categories in nano pigs and you can select the ones appealing you the most.

Food Guide for Teacup Pigs

There should be a proper time fixed for eating because the pigs get cranky and aggressive if they are not being given food at a time. They can even show the aggressiveness by jumping on you or biting you. These notorious creatures can even open drawers or cupboards in the kitchen to search for any food items. Teacup pigs should be given fresh fruits and vegetables, but avoid giving them oversweet food because they can get obese very soon. Keep a bowl of water always available for the pet to keep them hydrated. They should be able to quench their thirst even when you are not available to them.

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